Installation - Art Cologne-New Positions, Thomas Rehbein Gallery/ 2012

An illuminated corner, from which in a certain angle deploys a virtual showcase made of shadows;
a series of metal forks extending threateningly into the empty space, a video projection of questions
for an unknown object… „Faitiche“ (Factish in English) is a combination of the french words fait (fact) and fétiche (fetish), which was coined by the french sociologue Bruno Latour. The term scrutinizes the existing borders between science and faith, subject and object, by stressing the constructed aspect of the fetish and the fact. Both are not forming a contrast, but each one is an expression of one possible attitude towards reality. In ethnological museums, the Other is classified, inventoried and labeled according to european scientific paradigms. Thus, the western knowledge manifests itself in form of alleged facts in exhibition displays, whereas the ethnological object is auratically charged via the mis-en-scene. At the same time, the history of violent disappropriation and exploitation of foreign cultures is consequently excluded, despite the fact that this is actually the basis of every ethnological museum.
The installation circles around an imaginary object by examining the semantics of museum presentation. However, the displays are only existing as empty signs, as shadows, reflecting their own materialized scientific systems and stagings: Doesn´t the sacral framing of the vitrine also serve to enchant the object? Do the apparently neutral, scientific questions on the foreign artifact not rather reveal distinctive obsessions? In the installation, facts and fetishes interweave - however, the real object rests invisible.